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First and foremost, I'd like to extend a huge, heartfelt "THANK YOU!" to the hundreds of people who have participated in my column. It obviously couldn't have happened without you, and I am eternally grateful for you all.

I'd also like to extend a huge amount of humble gratitude to the thousands of readers out there who've enjoyed reading my column over the years, and the countless supporters who've told me it's the first thing they read in the Crestone Eagle each month.

Thanks a million! You're what keeps me going. :)


A Visual Storyteller

Lori Nagel (Sunflower)

Lori Nagel - photographer.jpg



Certified Drone Pilot

Graphic Designer

Video Editor

Web Designer


Business Owner

& Meticulous Perfectionist!

     Lori Nagel (aka Lori Sunflower) resides in Crestone, Colorado, with her son, Ziggy.  She goes above and beyond to capture beautiful images and humbles herself to the fact that she’s using her God-given talents to give as much as she can back to this world for the greatest good of all. 
    Starting out her career in a very different direction, Lori earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science and then was employed by IBM for 11 years. In late 2007, she took her first photography class, followed by a few more, and then left the corporate world 6 months later, despite having no experience being self-employed but knowing she had to jump in with both feet in order to be successful in her career change. She’s grateful to live on the edge of the San Luis Valley, where the wondrous natural beauty offers so many opportunities to capture stunning scenic and wildlife images. Residing in the small town of Crestone, Lori feels blessed to be surrounded by some of the most talented artists, musicians and healers the world has to offer.  
    Lori has been the Staff Photographer for the monthly Crestone Eagle newspaper since 2012, and the only photographer they’ve ever officially had until 2023 (when the incoming editor also happened to be a photographer! lol).  One of her specialties is people pictures, and her adeptness at helping all types of people feel comfortable – talking, laughing and making them feel like there’s not even a camera there – results in her special ability to capture people’s true essences.
    As a photojournalist, Lori researches and writes occasional articles, and also has had a full page column in the Crestone Eagle since 2016 called, “Out & About with Lori Sunflower.”   A large part of Lori’s work consists of photographing local houses and businesses for Real Estate and AirBnB’s since 2010, having photographed hundreds of structures in the area. She takes much pride in the vibrant, balanced images she produces, creating realistic feelings of sitting in the rooms and being able to clearly see the blue skies and amazing scenery through the windows.

     In late 2022, Lori teamed up with Jennifer Eytcheson, director of the Crestone Eagle, to create an online business directory for the town, naming it, Crestone Means Business (CMB) and they became Co-Owners in the endeavor.  Crestone is a small town (around 2500-3000 people in the area), and it's often difficult to conveniently find phone numbers for local services. CMB helps to alleviate that issue while also keeping more dollars local to their community.
    Currently, Lori has several projects in the works including books consisting of her photos, columns and interviews of people sharing their scars and healing processes. She intends to one day publish these creations.  Check out more information about her and see more of her photos at

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