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January 2022
What would you most like
to see in 2022?


Vesper Gers

In 2022 I would like to see humanity 
rise up in peace, in purpose, 
in solidarity…
to resist the power grab.
To resist the corporate capture
of our lives & of our minds.
To resist this slippery slide 
toward totalitarian technocracy 
in its tracks,    
remove that crushing boot 
from our strong humble backs.
And stand 
in our innate right 
to life, to liberty, to pursue health & happiness. 
For the benefit of all beings,
let our hearts be light!


Jeannette Gardea

     The thing I would like to see most for 2022 is people smiles, hearing their laughter. People communing with each other, happy and fear free and healthy and joyful and creating new things.


Mary Gaetjens

     Compassion and a way for people to connect to nature so that they can eliminate fear from their diets.


Brent Beckman

     I would most like to see us stop living in fear. I would love for us to wake up and be a happy, beautiful community that helps each other and stops being afraid of each other. That's what I would love most for 2022.


Keating Simons

     Covid goes bye-bye.


Hester Triplett

     I would like to see people talk with each other more.  Listen more to friends and neighbors, listen less to mainstream media. Go out and enjoy a meal together. Live, laugh, and love more in 2022.


James Courtney

     I would like to see less of the Corona craziness. And I would like to see prices go down in food and gas.


Dusty Ryan

     I would like to see politics take a backseat and humanity and kindness take over a little more in the balance. Less politics, more humanity.


Kyle Terry

     I'd like to see a lot less chaos and suffering in the world. The last two years have been devastating for everyone. I'd hope for a calm year of healing and restoration.

Maureen (aka Mo) VanWalleghan

     I would like to see creative endeavor to solve all the different things going on for our communities. Whether it's land use issues, issues in town, issues in the Baca, we have such amazing creativity and brain power here that we can solve pretty much everything that's going on in new and incredibly unique ways and be a model for the bigger community beyond ourselves.

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